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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need appointment to see your doctor?

Xpress Care Urgent Care is a walk-in clinic where you do not need an appointment to see doctor. You can just walk in, provide your insurance information (if you have any) and bring photo identification and you will be seen.

How long does it take to see doctor?

We provide services on first come, first serve basis. Our wait time is less than 30 minutes for new patients (depending on your insurance verification) and less than 15 minutes for established patients, but you will have the option to upgrade visit to no wait VIP care.
(Click on VIP care for more details)

Do you treat patients without insurance?

We welcome patients with no Insurance. You will be charged $200 for an urgent care visit which includes physician consultation and prescriptions for the pharmacy. If you need any additional Lab tests or X-rays, we will discuss charges before a test is performed. Our charges are 70% less than emergency rooms.

Can I have Blood test or X-ray done without seeing a doctor or paying for office visit?

Yes, you can have any Blood test or X-ray performed through our Ala Carte lab test service. This is a self-pay option and we do not accept insurance for this service. After the results are available, you can choose to see your own Primary Care Doctor or our Urgent Care Physician or just the keep the results for your own reference.

How much will my visit cost?

For Insured patients, your visit cost will be just your co-pay and in some cases deductible/ coinsurance will apply, depending on your plan.

What is an urgent care center?

Urgent Care centers can provide treatment for medical conditions which are urgent in nature but not life threatening. The majority of urgent conditions are health issues that cannot wait for patient to visit Primary Care Physician.

Below are the most common conditions for our physician who will treat for Urgent Care Setting:

  • Colds, Cough, Sinuses, Flu
  • Sore Throat, Fever, Illnesses
  • ‚ÄčNausea, Vomiting, Diarrhea, Constipation
  • Back Pain, Joint Pain, Body Aches
  • Headache, Migraine Pain, Dizziness
  • Asthma, Allergies, Breathing Treatments
  • Minor Injuries: Cuts, Bruises
  • Sprains, Strains, Burns, Breaks, Falls
  • Ear Infection, Ear wax removal
  • Physical Exams for School, Sports, Work
  • Bladder, Prostate, Genital Infections
  • Upset Stomach, Heartburn, Stomach Ulcer
  • Insect Bites, Rashes, Skin Infections
  • Cold Sores, Skin Tags, Lyme Disease
  • Pink Eye, Minor Eye Injuries
  • Immunizations and TB test
  • And Other Urgent Care Illnesses

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