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ER vs. Urgent Care

When seeking medical care, it may be difficult to determine if you need to go to the Emergency Room, or if you can visit us at Xpress Urgent Care. Did you know only 29% of emergency room visits require emergency care? Visiting the emergency room is also 2 to 3 times more expensive then going to an urgent care clinic or visiting your doctor’s office.

The majority of urgent conditions are health issues that cannot wait for the patient to visit their primary care physician.

When to call 911 or visit the ER:

Potential Heart Attack
Potential Stroke
Major head or neck injury
Trouble or stopped breathing
Major Broken Bones
Severe Allergic reaction

When to visit Xpress Urgent Care

Minor sprains, strains, and cuts
Minor infections, rashes, and sore throats
Minor broken bones
Diagnostic services including x-rays and laboratory tests
Colds, flu, earaches, sore throats
Physical exams for school, sports, work

Xpress Care does provide Wellness Physicals, School Physicals and Pre-Surgery(Pre-Op) Employment Physicals on walk-in basis. You do not have to have an appointment for these visits. Just walk in. We can also fill your regular prescriptions if you have recently moved from another city, state or Country.

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